FastAttach for Medicare 

Electronic Medicare Pre and Post- Payment Audits and Level One Appeals

The FastAttach audit solution for Medicare pre and post-payment audits and appeals eliminates faxing and mailing audit responses and provides a secure, timely way to respond to CMS approved Review Contractors. 

Use FastAttach® to save time and money as you eliminate manual processes for audit reviews and appeals. FastAttach enables you to create a secure electronic envelope that contains all the requested medical documents required for audit review. You can then easily import documents using a variety of acquisition methods including scan, screen capture, file import, FastKapture® and a unique print capture method that enables you to capture any document from any program with a “print” function. FastAttach accepts any file type and performs the necessary file conversion prior to routing the information electronically to the appropriate Review Contractor. 

What is esMD? 

Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation (esMD) is a program developed by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The purpose of esMD is to enable providers to electronically respond to RAC, MAC, CERT, PERM, ZPIC, SMRC audits and Level One Appeals. Prior to esMD providers responded to requests for medical records by faxing or mailing the documentation to the Review Contractor. To learn which Review Contractors accept esMD as a method of transmission, please visit


Why Use FastAttach for esMD? 

  • Improved productivity: electronic document collection, storage and exchange improves staff productivity by reducing the time spent filling out forms, copying, mailing or faxing audit responses 

  • Reduced costs: esMD eliminates costs associated with manual, paper-based processes 

  • Decreased denials: electronic medical documentation speeds up response processes eliminating untimely record submission and rework requests 

  • Enhanced tracking: esMD provides an electronic audit trail proving documents were both sent and received 


  • Ensures timely responses to meet deadlines 

  • Decreases administrative time spent copying, assembling and handling responses 

  • Eliminates lost submissions 

  • Provides secure transmission of data 

  • Saves money by eliminating paper-based processes and mailing costs 


How it works


ADR and Audit responses can be submitted in as few as four steps: 

  1. Search for or enter a patient name 

  2. Upload requested medical documentation 

  3. Enter the Claim Number and Audit Case Number 

  4. Transmit the file electronically 

Once submitted the provider immediately receives a transmittal report confirming that your documents have been received and successfully transmitted to the designated Review Contractor. 

Provider Features 


  • Responsive, intuitive, easy to read screens 

  • Compatible with all PMS/EHR/HIS applications 


  • Knowledgeable support staff 

  • Unlimited FREE customer service and support 


  • Minimal up-front costs 

  • Rapid implementation 

Vyne Medical is a CMS Certified Health Information Handler (HIH) 

Vyne Medical has built the CONNECT gateway and is the largest CMS Certified Health Information Handler (HIH). 

The CONNECT Gateway is the National Health Information Network (NHIN) transmission mode for the electronic submission of medical documentation. The HIH gives providers an on-ramp to facilitate electronic submissions to CMS and participating Review Contractors. 

By partnering with Vyne Medical as your CMS Certified HIH you can streamline your audit process, reduce administrative time and costs and ensure timely secure audit submissions.