Integration Services


Hospitals that have adopted EMRs are well on their way toward secure, efficient management of patient health information. The missing pieces are often the ability to incorporate information that exists outside the EMR and securely share records between systems and with other providers when needed. 

Trace Integration tools make it easy to share patient health records — whether they are part of the EMR or outside it — while ensuring that protected health information remains secure. And the best part: Trace does it automatically, without any manual intervention — so no more printing, scanning or manual faxing. With the complete Trace platform of voice recording, image capture and electronic faxing tools – your facility has all of the information necessary to form a comprehensive view of activity surrounding the patient. Any patient record captured in Trace – voice, paper, fax or electronic – can be digitized and easily shared with any other system in your facility through Trace Integration. 

Use Trace integration tools to: 

  • Send test results (labs, radiology, mammography) to ordering physicians 
  • Import and route electronic physician orders 

  • Send patient medical records from Health Information Management 

  • Create work queues by automatically notifying teams or individuals of orders and referrals

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Workflow. Virtually any document from any application can be digitized and securely distributed to a specific team or individual. For example, patient test results can be faxed directly from the EMR to the referring physician without any manual intervention. The ability to get the right information into the right hands at the right time significantly reduces the risk for lost records, unnecessary rework and patient care delays. 

Security. All information is sent securely, protecting sensitive health information and improving HIPAA compliance. Because records are delivered digitally, Trace reduces the risk of misdirected faxes and makes it easier to protect PHI. An audit trail verifies the date and time each record is sent and received, showing a complete history of individual access by users. 

Time & Cost Savings. By using Trace to digitize and route communication electronically, Trace eliminates time consuming manual processes such as printing, scanning and manually faxing documents. Reducing these repetitive, error-prone processes saves valuable administrative time and minimizes document delivery and storage costs. Trace integration and electronic faxing tools also reduce the need for separate document management and fax server technologies, saving significant costs for the hospital. 

Who Do we Integrate with?

Trace easily integrates with most leading EMR vendors such as Epic®, Allscripts™, Cerner®, McKesson® HPF, Siemens’ Soarian®, Sovera® and others.