Who Benefits with Trace?

Be Part of the 450 

Wondering who's using Trace and how it's working for them? Trace is used by a growing base of 450 active hospital and health system clients nationwide. Best practices are hardwired through technology solutions proven to help hospitals achieve sustainable top performance. We have countless case studies, executive guides, and testimonials sharing the successes of health systems using Trace, but who are these customers?


Who We Work With

Trace is a unique platform that is useful anywhere communications are happening, whether these communications are happing in-person, on the phone, via fax or on a screen. The Trace platform provides convenient access to critical healthcare communication for improved financial performance, physician/staff alignment, patient experience, compliance and patient safety/quality.

What Departments are Using Trace?

While our solution can be used anywhere communications are happening, our primary areas of benefit are seen in the Revenue Cycle. We have users in patient access, call centers, the business office, scheduling. We have also seen success in case management, physician offices and clinics, and surgery centers. 

What are the Benefits?

Efficiency makes everyone happier. With Trace, managers will see improvements in performance in ways that show up on the bottom line (and ways that don't). Users are met with time-saving workflows, better communications handling, and elimination of wasted time. Trace allows managers and front-end staff to succeed in ways that make directors and the c-suite happy and successful. 

Our Integrations

Trace is a system that works with all your other systems – and makes them better. Trace has been incorporated into 450 hospitals nationwide with minimal (if any) conflict issues involving other software or hospital systems. In fact, Trace readily integrates with most major platforms including Cerner, Epic, Allscripts, Meditech, Rightfax, Cisco, and others. 


Any communication captured in Trace – voice, fax, or image – can be digitized and easily shared with any other system in your facility through Trace Integration. All information is sent securely, protecting sensitive health information and improving HIPAA compliance.


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