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The Road to Fax Elimination in Healthcare

In our latest webinar, “Going Digital: How to Securely Exchange Data without Fax Machines,” thought leaders from Vyne Medical® and Moffitt Cancer Center shared practical steps to end faxing and replace it with digital solutions for better efficiency, security and data integration. During the webinar, we surveyed 100+ hospital executives nationwide on where they stand with fax elimination in their health systems. The results are eye opening...

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Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Last week, Vyne Medical exhibited at the 45th Annual NAHAM Conference where the theme this year was “Shaping the Future of Healthcare.” Advancing healthcare into the future is no easy task. Vyne Medical, in correlation with this year’s theme, is dedicated to expediting the elimination of old technology—such as fax machines—while presenting modern alternatives that help hospitals communicate more efficiently and securely. 

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