Quality Assurance is a Priority in Revenue Cycle

During a recent webinar with Moffitt Cancer Center, we surveyed 150+ revenue cycle leaders on what quality assurance looks like in their organizations. Attendees included Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Associates from hospitals and health systems nationwide.


Through our survey we discovered quality assurance is a priority for revenue cycle teams. Majority of the Directors, Managers and Supervisors surveyed during our recent webinar stated they are measuring the quality of employee communications with patients on a monthly basis.


Below are the results of each poll question:

Question 1: Do you have processes in place to equip your staff for difficult but necessary conversations with patients?

As shown, 72% of those surveyed answered they have processes in place to support critical conversations with patients, while 16% responded they do not, but plan to in the future.

Question 2: Do you measure the quality of employee communication with patients?

Two-thirds of the attendees answered they do measure the quality of employee communications with patients while one-fifth do not but plan to do so in the future.

Questions 3: Who performs the quality review process in your department?

According to our audience, quality is measured in most departments by the supervisor or manager, but some departments use an auditor to conduct quality reviews.

Question 4: How often do you perform quality reviews with your staff?

The most common frequency for performing quality reviews, as reported by over 50% of webinar attendees, is monthly.

About the webinar


What does quality assurance look like in your revenue cycle? At Moffitt Cancer Center, a quality department was launched to perform consistent, unbiased quality assurance for revenue cycle departments. Quality auditors oversee training and system support for the revenue cycle’s five key departments and 700+ team members. The review process provides a controlled base to reinforce efficiency, accuracy and accountability across teams. By catching and correcting errors before they move downstream, Moffitt can send claims out cleaner, reduce denials and bring in more cash. In this webinar, learn what a revenue cycle quality review program could do for your organization.


Watch the full webinar to learn more.

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Laurel Zevitz