Reliable Quality Scoring of Hospital Communication

The first conversation a patient has with a hospital employee really sets the tone for their whole experience.


A hospital in Florida realized this, that's why their Patient Access department really wanted to up their game and make sure everything was being communicated correctly.


So their staff is scripted with opening and closing scripts, all of their phone calls are recorded, and now they're able to score those calls with a tool called TQM (which stands for Trace Quality Manager) that works in conjunction with Trace Voice recording tools.


Where before they were using an excel spreadsheet to keep up with each employee's performance, now they're able to use this tool that leverages the hospital's repository of phone calls and face-to-face recordings for reliable quality scoring of employee interactions with patients.


Custom scorecards and powerful reporting tools give hospitals the ability to track and trend quality scores by team, agent and even question - quickly pinpointing problem areas and training needs.


The benefits? How about improved patient and physician satisfaction, assurance that their staff is in compliance with hospital policy and procedures, improved staff productivity, reduced risk, and powerful reporting and analysis...just to name a few.


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