Transforming Health: The results are in!

In a recent NAHAM webinar, over 300 Directors, Managers & Supervisors in patient access and revenue cycle were surveyed on how they are transforming health through information and technology in their health systems. Survey results show improving upfront collections as a top priority for hospitals this year. Many of those surveyed are leveraging technology including communication management solutions to enforce standards and monitor and evaluate conversations with patients. See the results below.  

Poll Question 1: How important is improving upfront collections to your hospital’s goals?

As shown below, the majority of patient access and revenue cycle professionals surveyed indicated improving upfront collections as an important goal for their hospital. 



Poll Question 2: Do you provide patients with an estimate prior to service?

One way many hospitals are improving patient experience is through educating patients on the cost of service and their coverage. Providing patients with an estimate of what their care will cost manages expectations, reduces unwanted surprises and allows patients to consider their payment options in advance. 



Poll Question 3: Is your staff asking patients for payment prior to service?

Asking patients for payment ahead of service helps hospitals collect revenue sooner and prepare payment plans for individuals who are unable to pay before receiving care. Over 80 percent of those surveyed indicated their staff are asking patients for payment prior to service. 



Poll Question 4: Do you record your staff’s financial communication with patients?

Ensuring your staff is communicating according to hospital standards is simple when using tools that monitor and evaluate engagement with patients. Sixty percent of NAHAM webinar attendees shared they are using tools to record patient communication while 39 percent said they plan to record calls and/or face-to-face conversations in the future. 



Poll Question 5: How often does your hospital conduct quality reviews of patient financial communication?

To improve patient communication, quality reviews are a necessary part of training your staff. Seventy percent of NAHAM webinar participants surveyed said they conduct quality reviews on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. 



Poll Question 6: Does your department still utilize fax machines?

Advancing healthcare into the modern world sometimes takes time. While hospitals are implementing new technology year after year, some technology from yesterday is difficult to unplug. Fax elimination has made a lot of noise in the last 6 months, but healthcare providers are still unsure about giving up the device. Seventy-five percent of NAHAM webinar attendees surveyed said they are not planning to eliminate fax machines quite yet.  



At HIMSS19, Vyne Medical announced their plans to help hospitals eliminate fax machines and replace them with tools that allow hospitals to communicate more efficiently with patients, payers, physician offices, and other hospitals while remaining secure.  

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You can watch the full webinar hosted by NAHAM featuring speakers Lynne Hildreth and Michelle Fox below.