Vyne Connect

Encrypted Email Exchange Now Available with Vyne Connect.

Communicate with confidence by sending encrypted emails to patients and referring providers.

Why do you need Vyne Connect?

It’s common for providers and teams to think of email as a quick way to send info to patients, payers and other providers, but depending on what’s being sent, it can be a compliance nightmare. Why risk thousands of dollars and put your hospital’s reputation at risk when there’s a simple email solution available from Vyne Medical?

Standard email programs are NOT secure and do NOT encrypt information being sent; therefore, they should NEVER be used to communicate anything that contains Protected Health Information (PHI). Vyne Connect makes sending PHI or any other information necessary to parties outside of your organization a snap – and it helps keep you in line with increasingly complex security regulations like HIPAA.


Unmatched value for email encryption

  • Provides hospitals with a tool they can give to independent or non-integrated providers to easily & securely share information.

  • Secure email on the provider side that flows right into the existing Trace workflow in Tracker on the hospital side.

  • Simple to use, quick & inexpensive way to eliminate faxing between the provider and the hospital.

Simple for senders & recipients

Vyne Connect is easy to use and account setup can be done in just minutes! There’s minimal training required and, best of all, you can use your existing email address, so there’s no disruption to your existing processes.

For message recipients, Vyne Connect keeps things simple and does not require recipients to register for a special account or create a portal login. This is a key feature offered by Vyne Connect that sets it apart from other encrypted email solutions. Nobody wants to deal with the hassle of creating a login and remembering yet another password to retrieve an email, With custom settings in Vyne Connect, the sender can define how they want the recipient to verify their identity in order to view a message.

Another key benefit for recipients, is that they can easily view, download and reply to emails sent with Vyne Connect at no added cost to them. They are not required to sign-up for anything in order to receive messages from Vyne Connect.

Take control of your practice’s communications

Vyne Connect enables you to take control of your communications using your existing email accounts. It provides flexible options for administering your email that a standard email service cannot. These intelligent message controls include the ability to:

  • Define how you want recipients to verify their identity to access an email message (EX: enter date of birth, account number or other custom information.)

  • Get real-time proof of delivery log that gives you control over protected messages showing who, when and where each message was opened.

  • Setup instant notifications that tell you when an email was viewed by the recipient

  • Set expiration dates/times so that you only make a message available for a specified window of time.

  • Recall a message that may have been sent to an incorrect email address.

  • Prevent information leaks or deny access to secure messages by revoking access privileges at any time – even after the email has been viewed.


Compatible with the systems you already use

Vyne Connect’s seamless workflow enables users to send encrypted messages from Outlook 2007-2016, a webmail portal, smartphone, tablet or any computer. It is fully supported on most major mainstream web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) using most widely used Operating Systems (Windows7+, OSX 10.4+ and current Linux variants). Vyne Connect also integrates with Outlook (via the Outlook Add-in) for Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365.

Supported by a team you trust

Vyne Medical clients expect a certain level of support and that’s what you’ll get with Vyne Connect. There’s one number to call for all of your  Vyne Connect inquiries.