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[Webinar] Rethinking Standardization — Leveraging your team, clinical partnerships, and data to drive quality and patient value

About the Webinar

Reducing variation in care is now more important than ever, and can impact tens of millions of dollars in savings while improving outcomes and efficiencies. Yet, despite varied recommendations, truly sustainable strategies are still elusive. A primary reason most approaches have failed is that the unique contributions and perceptions of key stakeholder groups were not acknowledged or well-balanced. It's time to rethink common avenues of standardization to leverage the skills, experience, and perspectives of all team members. 

Join this webinar to gain:

  • A new framework to engage five key stakeholders
  • Recommendations for leveraging data and feedback mechanisms
  • An understanding of the role of clinical partnerships in the quest for sustained standardization


Randy Pilgrim, MD, FACEP 
Enterprise Chief Medical Officer
Schumacher Clinical Partners


Lisa Fry 
Chief Growth Officer
Schumacher Clinical Partners


Beverly Gladney, MD, FACEP 
Senior Vice President and Group Medical Officer
Schumacher Clinical Partners



Adam Rubenfire 
Custom Content Strategist
Modern Healthcare